About Adrianna

Hi there! I’m Adrianna Quinn.

I’m an aspiring writer, a book nerd, and a lover of kitties! I am also a full time college student, a lover of video games and comics, and a pop culture nerd.



I wanted to start this blog to share my thoughts on whatever book (or comic book!) I happened to be reading at the time in the hopes that it will also stir up a bit of inspiration for my own future novel. However, I also love cats so much, that I figured I would mix two of my favorite things together into one crazy little blog! And thus “Crazy Cat Reads” was born. Most of the time, you’ll find book reviews or other book news I feel like sharing, with a mix of kitty posts here and there as well. My own fur child, Zelda, may appear from time to time, more than likely laying or chewing on my book or eReader (because she is a turd like that). I will also share random kitty-related things from time to time that I felt needed to be seen by all. There will more than likely be overloads of kitten cuteness. You have been warned.


Hope you enjoy!



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