Follow Friday #4 – Book Love/Hate


Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

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This week’s question: Have you ever read a book you thought you’d hate but loved? Or vice versa? – Suggested by A Great Read


I think this kinda happened to me in the Divergent series. I thought I would love it because I’m a sucker for anything dystopian or post-apocalyptic + YA. However, I wouldn’t say I hated the series. Hate is a strong word. I really just had mixed feelings with the second and third book. The second book had a couple slow parts to me and the ending of the last book left me with a “How do I process this?” feeling. You know that feeling – when you’re sitting there staring at the last sentence of the book with your mouth just hanging open and you’re having an internal war over whether that was greatest ending to a series like this or if you want to set the book on fire.

But that’s about as far as it goes with how I feel vs my expectations toward a book so far.

How about you?! Have you had a book you thought you would love, but ended up hating, and vice versa?


6 responses to “Follow Friday #4 – Book Love/Hate

    • What the author did is not something you come across often in novels (and that’s all I will say regarding the ending so I don’t spoil anything). I can understand why people don’t like Allegiant because of the direction it took. I would say still read it to, if nothing else, say you read it and have finished the series once and for all.

      I finished it at the end of last year and to this day I still can’t decide whether or not I love or hate how it ended. But I’m glad I read it regardless. LOL 🙂


  1. Finally, someone else that felt the same. Or I should say several someones seeing some of the other comments here. I felt the same way about this series. It’s like that first book came out, swept me away, the second one was good but didn’t quite live up to all my expectations, and then the third one just killed me. Hated it. New follower!

    Shannon The Tale Temptress’ FF


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