Zelda Kitty Wednesday #2

This might be a book blog, but we all know I love cats too! So here’s an update on my kitties, because reasons.

Sleeping Zelda

I like napping with Mom while she works on homework and blogging.

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s already been 11 months since Zelda was born into the world, and 9 since she adopted us as her humans. That’s right! She’s a Cinco de Mayo Calico. Coincidentally enough, Zelda was born a day after my first kitty had passed. Meaka passed on May 4, 2014. It almost seems like fate in a way.

She’s been a (mostly) good kitty. However, she still likes to chase and bully Escher, our 15 year old cat. As a result, Escher tends to stick to herself and growls at me as well as my boyfriend (who has owned her since she was a kitten). It’s a little heartbreaking, knowing that Escher is stressed and fearful because Zelda just wants to play/hunt and makes her the target, but we will let Escher stay in our room every so often and feed her so she can have some peace. This has helped bring back her confidence a little bit and she is more social with us.

I’ve also been working with Zelda to try and get her attention off Escher. I’ve been getting a couple more toys that are designed to bring out the cat’s hunting instinct. It definitely helps. In addition, we have pheromone collars on both cats that are designed to calm them as well as a spray called “Stop That”, that is used to help correct unwanted behaviors. Trust me, Zelda has some behaviors I need to correct too. In addition to bullying Escher, she likes to chew on things. Everything really. That’s probably one of the most frustrating problem behaviors to have. We will see if the spray gets her to learn.

All she wanted was love and cuddles after we came home!

All she wanted was love and cuddles after we came home!

But aside from those small issues, Zelda is adorable. She loves being in your lap and cuddling you. Hell, she tends to follow me around the house a lot. This past weekend was her first weekend without us while we traveled to Wondercon. We had to lock her up in our bedroom because of her problem behaviors, but we had a friend come by while we were away to check on them and play with Zelda. She was definitely happy to see us when we came home though!

Since Zelda and Escher aren’t exactly BFFs and all, I’ve also gotten myself the book called “Cat vs Cat” which I will be reading in the next few weeks. It’s been highly recommended for those with cats that aren’t getting along. I’m hoping I will be able to get these two to slowly become more fond of each other while correcting Zelda’s tendency to bully and hunt Escher. We will see how it goes!

That’s all for now. I’ll keep everyone updated as I do my best to train the kitties.

Back to book-related posts tomorrow!


"Peek a boo! I'm in my blanket fort!"

“Peek a boo! I’m in my blanket fort!”


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