Follow Friday #3 – Fantasy or Realism


Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

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This week’s question: Do you like fantasy or realistic books? via The Realm of Books

While I thoroughly enjoy both sides of the spectrum, I usually tend to lean toward the fantasy books. I have ALWAYS had a love for vampires, werewolves, and all other supernaturals. And, who can forget Harry Potter? That was the first fantasy book series I read as a kid and I grew up with both the movies and the books (The 7th book released just a few days before I turned 17, so I’m not kidding when I say I grew up with them). I also adored the Sookie Stackhouse series and I recently just finished watching the US version of Being Human on Netflix; I miss that show already.

This summer when I’m not bogged down with college homework, I intend to plow through the Game of Thrones books to catch up on that side of the GoT world.

In fact, I just had an idea the other day for a possible werewolf x human love story. I’m not kidding when I enjoy the fantasy and supernatural worlds. 😉

What are you favorite fantasy books?


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6 responses to “Follow Friday #3 – Fantasy or Realism

  1. The werewolf/human love story has been done, but you know this already right? But find a new way to do it and you’ll be golden. As for GoT? Lurve. That. Shit. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Love me some Kit Harington. LOL.


    • All the ideas I get have more than likely been done before, but that’s okay! I’m hoping mine will be awesome. LOL

      Hahaha I ADORE the GoT show. I could binge watch that show over and over and never get tired of it. Same with Being Human. ❤


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