Caturday #2

Hope everyone is doing well! As for me, I have been settling into the routine of being a full time college student and transitioning jobs at the moment. I started my college adventure in Spring 2009 and I’ve been attending as a part time student the entire time. Now that I’ve transferred to the state university, however, I’m at the point where I. Need. To. Finish! So now I’m full time.

And I’m extremely overwhelmed. Holy kitty poop.

That also explains why I’ve been so quiet. In lieu of plowing through books I WANT to read, I’m instead forced to read three different textbooks each week. SO LAME!

However, I’m taking a break from all this homework to continue with more Caturdays, and book stuff! I think I might finally have a handle on this whole schedule. Maybe. We will see.

But without further ado… KITTIES! ❤


First we have Zelda in her natural habitat, sleeping every which way possible. Here, she decided to shove her head as hard as she could against the couch. Looks comfy.

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle <3

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle ❤


I literally discovered this not five minutes before I began writing this post. This product is called Katris (ha! get it?). It’s made of 100% recycled, organic material, and it can be used as a cat tree, book shelf, coffee table… anything really! It’s made by the awesome people at Paper Cut Lab. Not going to lie…. I might have to find a place to get some of these because that is AMAZING. Feel free to follow their Katris Facebook page too!

And then there’s this dream house for all cat lovers. Look at all the adventures these cats have! I’m pretty sure Zelda is jealous.



2 responses to “Caturday #2

  1. I saw that clip a few days ago. I made the mistake of showing it to my husband and he’s thinking about putting a walkway around our living room for our cat. She’d love it as she spends a lot of time on the wardrobes or bookcases now 🙂

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    • Omg! If he does that you’re going to have to show me. I totally want to do something like this in our house, but it’d have to wait until we move into a house we both know we’ll be living in for a loooooooong time!

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