Caturday #1: Christmas!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and received a LOT of books or kitty themed gifts! Or both! I ended up with the five book set of Game of Thrones, which means I have a lot of reading ahead of me. I also got my boyfriend a 12-cup coffee maker which really means I also got it for myself since we live together. I get to take advantage of the new shiny coffee maker and be caffeinated for days while I’m reading, writing, or playing the new video games I got. Yep, that’s right. I also happen to be a gamer chick. I love a game with a good story line!

But enough of that. Onto the cats! Here’s some pictures and a video of adorable kitties at Christmas time for your weekly Caturday. Please note, I simply found the images on Pinterest, Google, or via my FB feed. I don’t take credit for any of the images shared. I just thought they were cute/funny/heart-meltingly adorable.




Cat with Santa Claus red hat looking at camera






Also, have you heard of Albert the munchkin kitty from LA? He dresses up in adorable costumes and generally flaunts his incredible amount of fluff and cute all over the internet. Basically, he melts my heart and I want to squeeze him. His Harry Potter costume also, admittedly, made me squeal like a little girl getting her favorite doll at Christmas.

Albert in his Christmas Sweater

Albert in his Christmas Sweater

Albert Potter!

Albert Potter!

Check him out on his social media pages below:

Albert’s Facebook
Albert’s Instagram

Seriously guys. This cat. Ugh, my heart!

Hope you liked the Christmas themed kitties to end this week. I’ll be back with more book and kitty related posts next week!



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