Teaser Thursday #1

Here’s my first teaser into what I’m currently reading.

Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

His reddish hair had been washed and was drying in an airy nimbus. Fed was glad to see Melena so generous as to offer a passerby water to bathe in. Perhaps she was adjusting to country life after all. Because, mercy, a Qualing ranked about as long on the social ladder as it was possible to get and still be human.

I’m actually re-reading this one after having started it years ago and never finishing. I know. BAD reader. BAD. But I’m thoroughly enjoying this book the second time through. Can’t wait to finish it up and sharing my thoughts with all of you.



2 responses to “Teaser Thursday #1

    • It’s very true! I did the same with this one. I set the book aside and started another… and then college happened and no reading got done for a long time. LOL. Trying to go back to all the ones I didn’t finish because I was a slacker in reading for fun.


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