Zelda Kitty Wednesday #1

All About ME!

Zeldaface2Hi! I’m Zelda. I’m 6 months old (almost 7 months now!) and I am the cutest calico you’ll ever meet. My human decided to get me July 5th, three months after her first kitty passed away. She tells me that her first fur baby, Meaka, was around 19 years old and she had grown up with her.

But don’t you worry! I do my best to make my human smile and I have helped her heal from the passing of Meaka.

I have an older sister named Escher, who is 15 years old and belongs to my other human. Escher doesn’t really like me messing with her but I like picking on her, even if my humans don’t really approve. I also just want to play with her sometimes, but the old lady just wants to be lazy and sleep all day. YUCK! How lame is that?!

That’s okay though. My humans provide me with a lot of toys, including little balls with bells in them, a couple scratchers, a kitty tree, and some stuffed toys that they lace with catnip. That stuff is the good stuff! But you wanna know my favorite toy? It’s Da Bird! OMG, you guys. That toy is better than catnip. It’s better than chasing Escher. It’s even better than my favorite chew toy! And trust me guys, I love to chew on things. However, whenever my humans bring out Da Bird, I am rushing over to chase it. I even know when they’re getting it out of the drawer. I know that sound anywhere. So if you’re another kitty friend reading this, tell your human to get you one! Are you human and have a kitty? GET THEM ONE! They will love it.

I’m also a pretty smart kitty, to be honest. I know how to sit up for my food and treats and I know when I’m getting food because of the sound of the automatic feeder thing. I’m also pretty good at catching the stuffed toys when my humans toss them to me on the cat tree. Yeah, I know. I’m kinda awesome!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed a quick read about me. I’ll be back to share more next week, and hopefully I’ll be able to write to you all earlier too. Also, have some fun pics of me that my human took of me earlier last week.

Want to see more pics of me? I also have an Instagram! Follow me @calicokittyzelda. I am also on Pensapet. Find me there!

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