Like books and cats? Then welcome!

Welcome to Crazy Cat Reads.

My name is Adrianna Quinn

I am an aspiring writer, a book nerd, and a lover of cats. I am addicted to books, mostly of the YA genre, but have recently begun to explore other related genres as well. Since I find myself always with my nose in a book (or rather stuck to my Kindle screen), I wanted to share my thoughts on the books I read on this blog. Most of the books I review will more than likely be YA, fantasy, supernatural, and even comic book/graphic novels. All of them will be books I have personally purchased unless otherwise stated in the review post. I will accept review copies from authors and publishers with the understanding that it might take some time due to my full time job and college classes. If you happen to be one of those interested parties, feel free to check out my Review Policy.

But you’re probably asking yourself why this book blog has a cat theme to it. Well, it’s pretty simple really.


Seriously. Two of my absolute favorite things in the world are books and cats. So I figured, in between book reviews, I would share kitty-related things. That includes posts on Caturdays (Cat Saturday)! I also have a kitty of my own that will make her appearance in posts from time to time.

Meet ZeldaZeldaface2

Zelda is a calico kitty with a lot of spunk. She was born on May 5, 2014 and has a much older sister kitty named Escher (she’s 15 years old). She adopted my boyfriend and I as her humans when she was 8 weeks old on July 5, 2014. Zelda likes to get herself in trouble. A lot. The little princess turdball has a knack for chewing on cords (especially important ones like phone chargers), bolting into closets as soon as the door opens to get her little kitty fur all over our clothes, and she likes to pick on poor ol’ grumpy lady Escher. But despite her sassy attitude, she’s probably the cutest cat in the world and she can be extra cute in the morning – even though it’s probably just because she’s hungry. Zelda will make her appearance on the blog from time to time when she’s not too busy “murdering” the feather toy.


I do have some goals for this blog to not only keep myself accountable and finally start hacking at that to-read book list, but to also keep you guys entertained when waiting for my butt to get through the next book and review it!

Review Monday – These will probably happen every 2-4 weeks. Seriously trying to keep myself on a book reading schedule despite college and work’s attempt to take over my life. Any comic books I’m currently reading will also be reviewed and posted on this day, if not earlier.

Zelda Kitty Wednesday – Zelda will be taking over my blog with random tidbits of her adventurous life. There will be pictures, and maybe a short story about what the furball is up to!

Teaser Thursday – A small preview of what I’m currently reading.

Follow Friday – Hosted by Parajunkee’s View and Allison Can Read, where book bloggers answer a question on their own blog and meet other book bloggers. Because making friends is awesome.

Caturday – A gathering of cat-related content I have found and enjoyed throughout the week. Prepare for cuteness overload.

That’s all for now! Liking what you’re seeing, feel free to follow by clicking on that follow button up top on the left or by following via Email if you don’t use WordPress. Thanks for reading!



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